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Our Story, Our Promise

Aurora Wellbeing is south africa’s first ever wellness store focusing on menstrual cycle care. We are women founded and on a mission to empower menstruators to take ownership of their menstrual health.

We fight period stigma, normalise period talk and give our community access to knowledge and menstrual cycle care that is toxic chemical-free, conscious, comfortable and cool.

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Our values

Inclusive, impactful, conscious and courageous. We curate our product selection, ensuring that each item is both gentle and nourishing for your body while being environmentally friendly.

Menstrual cycle care

We support every phase of your cycle. we cover everything from hormone support to skincare to sexual wellness to anxiety. did you know that your menstrual health can impact your overall health?

Conscious selection

Providing women with a one-stop shop for all their menstrual cycle needs, promoting a balanced and harmonious relationship with their bodies".


About Aurora Wellbeing

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Customer Reviews

We let our customers speak for themselves.

5 average rating
6 reviews

Will never look back! I had never even heard of a dry body brush but after trying this out I will never look back. My skin is softer than ever!


Verified customer

A must have if you are a cup user. Have to get this if you are a cup user!! So convenient and easy.


Verified customer

My bestie! This dry brush is my wellness bestie for sure. She makes my skin soft and smooth! Also came in such cute packaging - thank you Aurora + team!


Verified Customer

Best product!! Obsessed with this menstrual cup steriliser! Changed my experience with my menstrual cup (which I’ve always loved) but now it’s so much easier to get it sterilised and clean! It’s also easy to fold and carry with you no matter where you go!


Verified Customer

The best menstrual cup sterilizer. So easy and convenient to use. Highly recommend to get one immediately.


Verified Customer

Best Menstrual Cup Sterilizer! This product changed my cycle so much, made me feel so confident that my moon cup was clean each and every time I use it. Its portable too so can be carried around with me on the go!


Verified Customer