The Healing Power of Horticulture

The Healing Power of Horticulture

Aligning with our core value of sustainability, we have added a range of greenhouses to our offering at Eco Lifestyle!

The first step in your self-sufficiency journey- starting up your very own greenhouse holds value far deeper than reducing your carbon emissions and cutting your grocery bill. Horticulture, the act and art of garden cultivation and management, has been proven to have a massive and positive impact on a person’s physical and mental health. We often forget we are creatures of nature as we are consumed with our 9-5 work lives where we very seldom get to see the beauty of nature throughout our day, never mind getting to immerse ourselves in it.

Having your very own piece of nature in your home yields many benefits for both the environment and the person tending it. Besides cutting down on your weekly grocery bill, growing your own herbs and veggies yields the following benefits (the list is endless, but these stood out to us);


Maintaining a garden brings a sense of control, confidence, and commitment over something for those who are often overwhelmed, and suffer from low self-esteem or anxiety.

Happy hormones

Gardening is proven to cause a dip in our stress hormone called Cortisol which controls your mood, memory, and immunity. Even just looking at green plants and colourful flowers has been proven to boost our happy hormones and help us overcome feelings of anger and sadness.

Constructive venting

“You need to be destructive to be constructive when gardening”, as Dr Jagasia of Psychology says. The hacking and weeding required in gardening allow for anger and frustration to be released and unleashed in a non-aggressive and guilt-free way.


Both physical and intangible. Planting veggies, herbs and plants and tending to them until they start to grow is a rewarding and fulfilling feeling that brings a sense of accomplishment and purpose.

Reap these benefits and many, many more when purchasing your very own greenhouse and taking the first step in your self-sufficiency journey!


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